Paragon Global Rx is a leading international pharmaceutical manufacture & distribution company with expertise in providing the unmet needs and preferences of patients and healthcare professionals in over 40 countries.


We believe that our high standards of ethical conduct have been one of the keys to why we excel in our business. We also realize that maintaining these standards requires more than good intentions. Each of us has a duty to uphold these standards. We must adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements that govern all aspects of our business, including the manufacturing, procurement, sale and distribution of our products. Ethical business practices extend to all levels and positions within our Company.

Our actions must reflect high standards of uncompromising honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of our operation. Our Business Standards define the values and responsibilities that apply to us as representatives and leaders of Paragon Global Rx.

These standards of conduct are not new to our Company. Our Business Standards simply embody the many policies and practices that have existed within our Company for years.

The Paragon Global Rx Code of Conduct provides important guidelines for interacting with customers, industry partners and each other.

Regulatory Affairs

Paragon Global Rx maintains the highest principles regarding ethical and legal sourcing of medicines. With a heritage of serving hard to reach emerging markets for over 20 years we understand the local needs and regulatory environment, in addition to global regulations.

Our commitment to the highest regulatory standards is evidenced by:

  • Our robust Quality Management System.
  • Independently verifying the bona fide status of all our suppliers.
  • Compliance with EU Good Distribution Practice.
  • Licensed in the countries in which we operate.
  • Holding a UK Wholesale Dealers License (WDL)
  • Holding similar permits in various countries in Central and South America, E.U., Asia, Africa, Middle East the Caribbean.

“Making a Difference in Delivering Medicine”


Paragon Global Rx has established supply chain capabilities and unparalleled access to Southern and Central America, the Caribbean and the EU.

We specialize in medicines from the UK, Europe and the US, in addition to our private manufactured products. Paragon Global Rx has a proven track record of over 20 years in manufacturing, registration and distribution in pharmaceutical products.